3 - Configure Microsoft 365 partner admin account

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To get your tenant list and the license details, we need to connect to your Microsoft Partner Center. 

We recommend that you create a specific account (i.e. S365@<yourtenant>) for this that has Admin Agent permissions to your customer accounts. After you have an account that can access your customer tenants via the Partner Center, you can grant consent to Sync 365 with that account to automate your Office 365 billing.

If you already have an account to use, skip this step and move to the second part of the article.

This link provides details on assigning an account permissions in your partner centre, or you can use the short steps after to complete this.


The steps to do this are:

Critical: The account must have MFA enabled and enforced. It must prompt for MFA on login or will be rejected by the Microsoft Partner Center

  1. Log in to the partner centre https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/pcv/dashboard/overview with a user that has Global admin/admin rights to your partner account
  2. Click the settings cog in the top right and click "Account Settings"
  3. Select “User Management” on the left side
  4. Select the user you want to use from the list
  5. Set the permission for “Assists your customers as” and select admin agent
  6. Update the account
  7. Log in to an incognito browser to the Microsoft Partner Center as the user account and ensure you get prompted for MFA during login. 
    1. If you can see your customer list with this account, it should be ready to go after adding to the relevant GDAP groups.
  8. GDAP Security Groups: Add the Service account to your security groups which have at least global reader and application administrator or higher.

Add Your Account to Sync 365

  1. From your Sync 365 License dashboard, click on the Customers tab
  2. Click the delegated admin tab
  3. Select the “Delegated Admin” tab
  4. Click on “Grant Partner Center Consent”
  5. You will be prompted to log into Office 365 
    1. Ensure you log in with the Partner Center account from above. (You may need a global admin to approve the app if this is restricted in your environment)
    2. Ensure that you are prompted for MFA during this process (otherwise Microsoft will block the connection)
    3. You will be presented with the required permissions which are to access the partner center and read your profile.
    4. Click on “Accept” to grant consent.
  6. This process may take a few minutes while consent is granted and we get your customer tenant list and their licenses.
  7. You will be returned to the delegated admin page and you can now continue when the banner showing the tenants are update has disappeared.
  8. Microsoft Direct CSP
    1. If you are a Direct CSP with Microsoft, click on the settings cog next to the delegated admin you have added in
    2. Select a Tenant to test and confirm Direct CSP permissions and click Yes
    3. If successful, this will mark your user as a Direct CSP and enable access to Direct CSP features like using the subscription ID's from your partner center and an end user self service portal (additional charges apply when added to a customer tenant)

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