Getting Started Overview

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Thank you so much for signing up with Sync 365 and welcome aboard!

S365 was created to save you time, keep your customer agreements up to date and make your life easier.

Once you have set up and connected your customer licenses to your PSA, we will:

  • Refresh all licenses and configured features (usernames, contacts, filters, custom licenses etc) every day
  • Sync any changes/updates to your PSA. Only changed items will be updated in the PSA each day

After you set up and configure sync s365 it will;

  • Sync license counts for your clients Microsoft 365 to agreements - daily
  • Sync adds or removes of licenses counts from office 365 to manage agreements
    • Including pro-rate charges if selected
  • Allow you to set up multiple billing profiles to use for different licenses
  • Notify you of any client office 365 licenses that are not linked to a billing profile
  • Add usernames that the licenses are assigned to in the agreement addition
  • Create custom licenses to bill a range of different items
    • Managed Users
    • Email Backup
    • Endpoint Security
    • Many options based on Azure AD

This manual will take you through how to set up, configure and get running with the app.

The process to get started is

  1. Configure the API connection to your PSA 
  2. Configure billing profiles 
  3. Configure Microsoft 365 partner admin account 
  4. Add your customer tenants as companies 
  5. Link your customer Microsoft 365 Licenses to PSA Agreements
  6. Start syncing!
  7. Configure notifications

Logging Into Sync 365

Lets get logged in to Sync 365

  1. Open up 
  2. Log in with your provided username and password - If you requested your Microsoft 365 email as your username you can log in with Microsoft instead
  3. You will be presented with your Sync 365 dashboard
  4. If you are not using your Microsoft 365 Single Sign on, We strongly recommend enabling Multi Factor Authentication straight away under the Tools and Logs > settings menu. 

Creating additional user accounts

If you would like to add additional users to access the Sync 365 app, you can follow the instructions here: Sub User Accounts

Note: The primary account that was created during check out will need to log in to follow this process.

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