1 - Configure the API connection to your PSA

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In this section we will configure your API details in Sync 365 to connect to your PSA. Click your PSA below to get started.

We need to

  • Create an API user
  • Provide the relevant security permissions
  • Setup the Integration in Sync 365

Connectwise Manage

You will require admin or user management permissions in Manage to complete this step.

If you self-host your Connectwise and are restricting IP addresses or geolocation, please ensure you whitelist all IP addresses we may connect with.


You may either create API keys on an existing user, or you can create a specific API Member account. We recommend using an API member account for tracking and auditing purpose so we will document the process of using a new API user.

Creating a new API Member

  1. Log in to Connectwise Manage
  2. Select System > Members
  3. Click on the “API Members” tab
  4. Create a new API Member
    1. Member ID: S365
      Member Name: Sync 365

      Role ID: You can use “Admin” for a simple approach if you do not need to add additional restrictions, 
    2. Custom Role: or you can create a security role with the following access in system > Security roles:
      1. Companies
        1. Company maintenance – Inquire – all
        2. Contacts – add/edit/inquire – all
      2. Finance
        1. Agreement invoicing – inquire – all
        2. Agreements – add/edit/inquire – all
        3. Invoicing – inquire -all
      3. Procurement
        1. Product Catalog – inquire – all
        2. Products – inquire – all
      4. System
        1. Table Setup (Select customize and select “Agreements / Batch” and “Agreements / Agreement making sure they are allowed  Type” in the allow access – Edit and inquire level – all
      5.   Under API Members please select the 'Department:'  to Admin (or whatever you prefer as long as its not restricted)
        Select your Location etc as required
    3. Save the member
  5. Click on the “API Keys” tab
  6. Click the + to add a new API key
  7. Give it a description (we recommend s365) and click save
  8. Note down your public and private key, you will need them in the next step. You will not be able to see the private key again after you have saved it.

Add your PSA to Sync 365 License

  1. Log in to Sync 365 License
  2. Click on Tools and Logs > Integration Settings 
  3. Click the + next to PSA Tools
  4. Select Connectwise as the PSA Type
  5. Enter in your company ID
  6. The connectwise URL is your myconnectwise URL with api- in front of it.
    1. For Australia it is api-aus.myconnectwise.net
    2. For Europe it is api-eu.myconnectwise.net
    3. For North America it is api-na.myconnectwise.net
    4. If you host your own Connectwise, you should have this URL address.
  7. Enter in the public key from Manage
  8. Enter in the private key from manage
  9. Click test and save
  10. The platform will confirm if the details successfully connected to Connectwise Manage and grab your customers, agreements and products.

Autotask PSA

Create an API User

Follow the instructions from Autotask to create a new API user – Adding or editing an API user (autotask.net)

(NAVIGATION  Autotask menu  > Admin > Company Settings & Users > Resources/Users (HR) > Resources/Users (HR) > Resources/Users > New > New API User)

Please ensure you select Sync 365 License from the 'Integration Vendor' 

You can assign a default system API level to the API user. If you would like to lock this down, we will need the following permissions:

  • Contracts
    • View all and Add
    • Can modify Service/Bundle on contract charges
    • Contract Visibility: Full
  • CRM
    • Customer and cancellations: All
    • Accounts: Add/edit
    • Contacts: Add
  • Inventory
    • Items: View all
    • Products: view all
    • Product notes Edit all
  • Admin
    • Accounts & Contacts
    • Products, services & inventory
    • Contracts & Un-Posting
  • Web Services API
    • Can login to Web Services API

Add your PSA to Sync 365 License

  1. Log in to Sync 365 portal at sync.s365l.com 
  2. Click on Tools and Logs > Integration Settings 
  3. Click the + next to PSA Tools
  4. Select Autotask as the PSA Type
  5. Zone: This is your webservices zone. If you look at your autotask URL it will be something like ww2.autotask.net
    1. Take the number in the first ww section: In this case you would enter “webservices2” in the zone field
  6. Enter in the Username for the API User
  7. Enter in the Secret for the API user
  8. Click Test and Save Credentials
    1. The platform will test to ensure we can connect and then grab the latest data from Autotask

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