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A unique ability that Sync 365 provides, is to be able to filter your Office 365 licenses to split billing up for your clients.

Use case 1: You have licenses that you add for your MSP to provide services and do not bill the client for. You can exclude these licenses from being billed.

Use case 2: You have a client which has multiple locations. They have a single Office 365 tenant, however they allocate costs to each location for the licenses.

With Sync 365 , you have the power to help them automate their billing, but splitting out their Office 365 invoicing based on their staff location.

This allows you to link the relevant office/area to a different agreement in PSA and bill them separately.

If you need to bill them to different PSA companies entirely, you can add the Office 365 tenant multiple times and link to each of the required companies with their relevant filter.

Here is a video on this feature, or you can follow the directions below.

How to filter licenses

To get started, add the clients office 365 tenant and link it to the relevant company in your PSA that you would like to bill for this location.

For this capability, we use fields in the user accounts in Azure AD (Office 365). You can use one or multiple of the following fields in a user account to filter the licenses:

Office, Department, State or City

Names can be case sensitive. For example if you were setting up users for a New York office, you may use “New York” either in City or Office in the Office 365 user settings.

This is the users “Contact information” in the office 365 admin center.

In the agreement sync configure the filtering as follows.

  1. If you would like to exclude any licenses from being filtered, tick them first. (i.e. head office may pay for all advanced threat protection licenses so you could tick for those to be excluded from filtering.)
    Otherwise, do not tick these boxes.
  2. Click the “Filters” button
  3. Enter in text to the attribute you would like to filter. I.e. in Office enter the office name you have set in the user profiles in Office 365
    NOTE: This is an “and” style filter, so if you enter in an office and a country, it will be looking for both of those details in a user account.
  4. If you would like to reverse the filter and exclude these licenses tick the exclude checkbox
  5. Click apply
    We will evaluate the users for that Office 365 Tenant and grab the user accounts that match the filter and you will only see the licenses applied to those users.

You can now link those licenses to an agreement as normal.

Add another Filter

If you need to filter some more licenses for this tenant to map to a different agreement, you can click on the “Add more filters” button to get an additional set of filters to use.

Add another location

Now that you have set up a license sync for that location, if you need to filter and sync licenses to a *Different* PSA company, you can add the Office 365 tenant and link it to the next location for that company in PSA. You can then repeat the process to invoice that specific PSA company.

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