Billing Profile Discounts

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One of our advanced features is being able to provide a discount at the billing profile level.

This allows you to override the price from your PSA by a percentage, either positive or negative.

This product will keep its pricing up to date with any changes for the product in the PSA and maintain the percentage discount applied to that price.

Some use cases for this are:

  • Provide a custom mark up or mark down on specific products without need multiple products in your PSA
  • Use a single product for the monthly and annual SKU for Microsoft 365 in your PSA, and just apply a discount to it when on an annual commit
  • Create a billing profile in Sync 365 when offering a special discount to a client without needing extra product SKU's

Setting up a Billing Profile Discount

  1. Log into Sync 365
  2. Click on Billing Profiles
  3. Add a new billing profile, or edit an exising one.
  4. Tick "Override Default" to override the price
  5. Tick "Adjust by percentage
    1. Enter in either a positive number to increase it, or a negative number to decrease it.
    2. We will display the current product price in your PSA and the effective price after the discount
  6. Save the billing profile

Apply your new billing profile as you see fit, and we will take care of the rest!

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