5 - Link your customer Microsoft 365 Licenses to PSA Agreements

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You are now ready to start mapping your customer Microsoft 365 Licenses to their relevant products and the customer agreements in your PSA.
Please note that Monthly and Annual agreement terms in your PSA are currently supported.

After this, your license billing will be automated and hassle free!

  1. Click on the Company tab
    1. This will list all customers you have added to the system
  2. Click on the name of the Company you would like to configure
  3. You will see the list of active licenses for that customer tenant, along with any currently mapped billing profile
  4. Click the license you would like to map to your PSA
    1. Select the relevant billing profile
    2. Select the agreement for the company in your PSA
    3. It will give you a preview of the settings so you can check it is correct
    4. Select your additional options you would like to configure
      1. If you would like to list the usernames on the invoice tick “Add usernames to invoice description”
      2. If you would like to show unassigned licenses on the invoice, tick the option
      3. If you would like to override the start date to be a different date (i.e. the 1st of the month for the initial sync)
      4. If you would like to negatively prorate (Provide a credit to the customer if they cancel a license mid month) licenses you can enable that here
    5. Save the billing profile
  5. This license will now sync through to the selected agreement in your PSA during the next cycle
    1. Alternatively, click "Sync Now" to force a sync right now. Within a few seconds, this will show up in the agreement that it has been mapped to.

Exclude License Option

Occasionally you will have some licenses that you do not want to bill. These are typically flow free licenses or similar and you do not want to be notified that they are not getting billed.

See our Global Exclude function to automatically exclude licenses that you will never bill for

Some examples of when you would use this:

  • Flow Free licenses
  • Windows store for business
  • Dynamics trial license

  1. Click on the license you do not want to bill.
  2. Instead of selecting a billing profile, click “Exclude License” and then click save.
  3. This will exclude this license from any sync and notifications.

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